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  1. To Promote latest Technical know how for the manufacture of various types of machines required for the manufacturing of Hosiery / Garments / Fabrics and any other related industry.
  2. To Share & exchange technical information & experience for the growth of members of the association in particular & Hosiery / Garments manufacturers and their ancillary units in general.
  3. To project the development & fiscal needs of the Garments Machinery Manufacturers to appropriate government agencies & pursue the same for mutual benefits of the industry in general.
  4. To arrange social as well as technical gatherings and organize, seminars, lectures, talks, demonstrations, exhibitions for the benefit of the members of the association
  5. To strengthen links between IITs, CTR, Hosiery / Garments Industry, other Promotional & Development institutions through direct Participation & Contacts.
  6. To publish studies, treatises, books, periodicals, reports & other Literatures related with members of the association
  7. To do all such other lawful things as many be conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objects, provided further, it is expressly declared that none of the objects mentioned above will involve he carrying on of any activity for profit.
  8. The aim objects & activities of the association shall be vested in a committee of management in accordance with the rules & regulations of the association